Rip-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder`s Mask
Rip-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder`s Mask

Rip-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder`s Mask

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      The Rip-IT Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask stands as a pinnacle of innovation and protection on the softball field. Meticulously designed to provide unparalleled visibility, this mask offers a wide field of view without compromising on safety. The lightweight, yet robust construction of the mask ensures durability, and the moisture-wicking padding keeps players comfortable during extended periods of wear. The Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask features Blackout Technology, minimizing glare and optimizing focus, giving fielders the confidence to make plays without any hindrance. Trusted by professional and amateur players alike, Rip-IT's commitment to superior design and player safety shines through in every aspect of this exceptional softball fielder's mask. Step onto the field with confidence, knowing that Rip-IT has your back.


      • Better visibility. Wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other softball fielder’s mask.
      • Comfortable fit. Padding and ponytail strap provide snug fit with superior adjustability.
      • Moisture wicking. Washable, wrapped padding manages dampness and reduces irritation.
      • Eliminates glare. Blackout Technology coating inside bars eliminates distracting glares.
      • Lightweight design. Steel bars with a powder-coat finish create a lightweight, protective frame.

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