Cyclone Taylor Source for Sports Gift Cards

At Cyclone Taylor, we exclusively sell Source for Sports (SFS) branded gift cards (circa April 1, 2023). Use your gift card to purchase equipment and/or apparel for hockey, lacrosse, ringette, or any other available sport!

SFS gift cards can be used in any of our 4 retail locations, in addition to 150+ additional SFS locations across Canada and the United States. Please note that SFS gift cards can only be used in-store (they cannot be used online). Sorry about this!

If you currently own a gift card purchased from Cyclone's and are looking to check the available balance, click on the appropriate link below:

Cyclone Taylor Sports branded gift card

Picture of a Cyclone Taylor Sports gift card

Source for Sports branded gift card

Picture of a Source for Sports gift card

If you are looking to purchase a new gift card, any of our 4 retail locations can assist with this! Visit us in-store during regular business hours and we would be happy to help.

If you are looking to buy a gift card online, unfortunately we do not offer this ability at the moment. We hope to offer online e-gift cards again in the near future, but in the meantime we apologize for any inconvenience!

Please give us a call (1-800-665-2188) or send us an email if you have any follow-up questions or concerns. Thank you!