Rawlings Two-Hands Foam Fielding Trainer
Rawlings Two-Hands Foam Fielding Trainer

Rawlings Two-Hands Foam Fielding Trainer

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      The perfect tool to develop your hands to be lightning-quick and focus on your fielding. This Trainer features a high durability foam material for lasting performance. The trainer is contoured to fit your palm for added comfort.


      • Dual-Handed Training: The Rawlings Two-Hands Foam Fielding Trainer is designed for dual-handed fielding practice, enhancing coordination and skills.
      • Lightweight Construction: Made with lightweight foam, the trainer provides a comfortable and easy-to-handle solution for repetitive drills.
      • Improved Catching Technique: Helps players refine their catching technique by promoting the use of both hands, fostering better fielding habits.
      • Versatile Use: Suitable for various fielding drills in baseball or softball, making it an essential tool for players of all skill levels.
      • Durable Design: The foam construction ensures durability, withstanding repeated use on the field while maintaining its effectiveness in training sessions.

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