CCM SpeedBlade XS Hockey Skate Holder
CCM SpeedBlade XS Hockey Skate Holder
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CCM SpeedBlade XS Hockey Skate Holder

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      New for the spring of 2019, the CCM SpeedBlade XS Hockey Skate Holder was developed as a quick and easy-to-use system to swap blades out, while ensuring players a consistently maximized energy transfer and performance. The SB XS Holders feature the following:
      • Patent-pending BladeLock technology - tightly secures the blade to the holder (prevent blade from loosening or accidentally disconnecting).
      • Roll the BlackLock dial until you feel resistance, and then easily pull your blades out!
      • Quick and easy to swap blades - lose an edge? No problem... (assuming you have back-up steel).
      • Ultimate energy transfer system.
      • Consistently tightly-secured blade to the holder = energy transfer maximized in every stride.
      • No tools needed!
      • Can be installed on any skates, not just CCM's 2019 (and beyond) models. Enjoy the new quick-release on any pair of hockey skates. *Extra charges for holders, steel and installation.

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