Check Out The CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner!

We have some exciting news in regards to CCM ice hockey skates! We recently received the CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner in our VancouverSurrey and Coquitlam retail locations. The scanner is new-age technology for the ultimate skate-fit in hockey – read on to learn more about the technology and options.

CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner models

Why Should I Try Out The CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner?

    • The scanner is cool technology – it will provide additional insight and guidance, all leading to an enhanced skate-fit experience for you.

    • It provides information on sizing, foot shape and skate-model recommendations.

    • Compliments a “traditional” foot inspection, giving you more insight into your feet and which model(s) work best for you.

    • Experience the perfect-fitting skate, whether it be a stock or custom option.

    • Provides a personalized and more memorable/enjoyable experience!

    • It is exactly how CCM fits their NHL stars.

The CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner serves three purposes in our stores:

    1. Skate-line recommender: the technology can scan your fit and provide an in-depth analysis of your foot measurements. It will also recommend the best “fit-family” (Tacks, Jetspeed or Ribcor), size, and width.

    1. 3D Custom-Molded Skates (Super Tacks AS1 and JetSpeed FT1 only - no Ribcor 70K at this time): allows you to get an absolute 360-degree custom-formed skate to match YOUR feet. The AS1 or FT1 skates will be entirely molded to the unique shape of your feet, resulting in a lightweight and high-performing boot with a perfect custom fit!

    1. Total-Custom Skates (all CCM models): if you want skates like Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, Brent Burns, Marc-Andre Fleury or your favorite NHL player, Total-Custom Skates build on #2 above, but allow you to choose a wide variety of additional features (quarter sizing, advanced facings, tongue selection, liner options, etc).

CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner Super Tacks AS1

What Can I Expect While Trying The CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner?

When you stop into one of our stores for a custom scan, you will need to sit in a chair and remove your shoes and/or socks. We recommend removing your socks for a more precise analysis, but this is not mandatory! You will also need to roll-up your pants high enough for our certified skate-fitters to precisely scan your feet with an iPad.

You will need to place both of your feet on the scanning tower and have your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. From here, our staff will scan both your feet from the top, sides, heel and soles. All-in, the scanning process shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes. If you have any painful foot bumps or issues, be sure to mention this to our staff as well (they will make note of “problem areas” during the scan).

CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner iPadOnce the scanning process has been completed, your information will be submitted and results will be returned within 30 seconds. Some of the information that you will see include:

    • Skate sizing, including foot length (cm), skate size, as well as the 1st and 2nd best CCM “fit family."

    • Advanced foot analysis, including measurements on forefoot width, heel width, instep, and arch index.

    • Arch analysis (high, medium or low arch).

CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner customer analysis

From here, you can then choose to target a stock CCM hockey skate (such as the Classic, Classic Pro or Classic Pro+), or you can explore 3D Custom-Molded or Total-Custom skates. Please note: there is no purchase necessary in order to try the CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner (the scan is free of charge).

Ordering 3D Custom-Molded (3DCM) or Total-Custom (TC) Skates Via The CCM Fit Scanner

If you would like to order 3DCM or TC skates, we will need to collect the following information from you after the scanning process has been completed (see below). Please note: we require a non-refundable, 100% deposit on order placement for custom CCM hockey skates.

    1. 3D Custom-Molded: name, size, width, and # (for the embroidered tongues).

        • Player: $1,099 CAD/~$830 USD (SR), $799 CAD/~$600 USD (JR)

        • Goalie: $899 CAD/~$685 USD (SR)

        • Please note that only Super Tacks AS1 player/goalie skates and JetSpeed FT1 player skates are available via 3DCM (no Ribcor 70K at this time, unfortunately).

        • 3DCM takes around 8-12 business days for completion/arrival.

    1. Total-Custom: name, size, width, quarter size, left/right foot size (if different), stiffness, cut, height, tongue, liner, ankle padding, runners, insoles and toe-cap size. Lots of options, eh?! ;-) 

        • Player: $1,299 CAD/~$980 USD (AS1 & FT1), $1,150 CAD/~$875 USD (70K)

        • Goalie: $1,099 CAD/~$830 USD (AS1)

        • All current CCM models are available via TC, including the Super Tacks AS1 (player/goalie), Jetspeed FT1 and Ribcor 70K.

        • Since TC skates are made “from scratch,” you may have to wait up to 3-4 weeks to receive your skates.

        • Sizing and width: if needed, you can order a size 8 ¾ skate, for example (if you are between an 8.5 and 9). You can also have a different size on each skate, if need be.

        • Boot cut (depth): you can have more or less boot material (wrap/depth) in order to really dial-in the fit of your skates.

        • Stiffness level: you have the ability to increase stiffness in the forefoot, eyelets, ankle area and/or tendon area (stiff, X-stiff, XX-stiff).

        • Tongues: you can choose a tritech, HD or pro lightweight tongue (please see photo below for specifications).

        • Boot height: you have the ability to increase the height and/or comfort pad at the top collar of the boots.

        • Liner: TotalDri Pro (without the print design seen in a stock skate) or Clarino (slightly-heavier, but more durable).

CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner custom options

CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner tongue options

This just about sums up the CCM Hockey 3D Skate Fit Scanner (sorry for the crazy-long blog post, LOL). If you would like to learn more about the scanner or custom CCM hockey skates in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us via any of the following mediums below! We've been in business since 1957 (60+ years), and we're more-than-happy to help :-)