Bauer Shipping in Canada - No More Restrictions for Cyclone's!

Have you heard the news, Canada? Bauer just notified us, as part of a select group of retailers, with some awesome news for domestic hockey players and goalies. As of today, there are no more restrictions on Bauer Shipping in Canada!

    • Please note: we still cannot ship ANY Bauer equipment into the United States (or overseas). That policy has not changed. If you are located in the USA, you will need to source Bauer from a retailer in your country.

As you probably know, Bauer top-end/elite product had been restricted for years to "in-store purchase only" availability. Products such as the new Supreme 2S Pro Skates (pictured above), Vapor 1X Lite Sticks, etc, could only be purchased in-person in a retail store. These restrictions have made it difficult for Canadian hockey players in smaller/remote towns to source Bauer's best equipment.

The game has changed with Bauer shipping in Canada! You can now source ALL Bauer equipment from our fully-secure online store, including top-end/elite products (for shipping within Canada).

If you aren't up-to-speed on our shipping policies, please click on the links below:

At Cyclone Taylor Sports, we have prided ourselves on first-class customer service (in-store & online) since we opened our doors in 1957. We are a third-generation family business, and can't wait to supply more hockey players in Canada with Bauer product for years to come!

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or inquiries - we're here to help! :)

The Fine Print on Bauer Shipping in Canada:

* [1] This new policy change applies only to select retailers in Canada, including Cyclone Taylor Sports. [2] We can now ship ALL Bauer equipment within Canada, including top-end/elite product (2S Pro Skates, 1X Lite Sticks, Re-Akt Helmets, etc). [3] MAP (minimum advertised pricing) still applies.